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Structural Steel

Many sectors, including construction and housing, choose structural steel to build their finished products. Industry experts recommend this material because of its numerous benefits. 

When you need a reliable steel supplier and installer for your project, turn to Blake Steel. 

We specialise in the supply and installation of residential structural steel. As a trusted supplier, we provide various steel beam , channel and angle sizes to help you meet the requirements of your residential building project. Whether you need a 89 x 6 shs post , 250 pfc portal frame or some 250 ub floor beams, our company will make sure to supply you the material you need. 

We also provide a site measure service, which involves meeting with the builder to finalise details and measurements. From there, our welders fabricate the required steelwork. Once ready, we deliver the material to the site and install using our equipment.

Why use blake steel to supply your structural steel

The world today would appear different if not for structural steel. 

Using this material for your project allows you to reap these benefits:

Increased Safety

The priority of any building is safety. Structural steel offers a range of safety benefits that people expect when they go inside a structure. As a primary material, steel is:


  • Non-Combustible – It will not spread flames or ignite to cause a large fire.

  • Rust-Resistant – A properly coated steel will resist corrosion.

  • Sturdy – Structural steel won’t easily shatter or splinter during violent movements, such as earthquakes.

High Adaptability 

Frames, buildings and structures are incredibly adaptable. Builders could expand structural steel upward or through any direction they want. Given how strong this material is, it’s able to support the weight of additional floors or storeys. 

Apart from making buildings taller or bigger, builders can reconfigure the interior structural steel frame without much trouble. They can use steel to configure an area and create spaces with movable flooring and lightweight interior walls.


Structural steel is suitable for constructing an environmentally-friendly residential building. Steel is a recyclable material. You could repurpose old, steel-built buildings into new construction projects as necessary. 

The Blake Steel Advantage


As a steel supplier in Auckland, we’ve built a solid reputation providing the best quality materials from reputable suppliers and superior workmanship.

Our team of builders also waste no time to make sure that we meet the deadlines of your project.  We perform the necessary steelwork right the first time. If unforeseen circumstances prevent us from completing the work, we’ll let you know as soon as possible. Clear communication and prompt responses are qualities you can expect from our staff. 

Our top-class workmanship and stellar customer service make us the top choice for residential structural steel supply and installation. Fill out our contact form today to discuss your next project with us. 

Professional Residential Structural Steel
Services in New Zealand  |  Tel: 027 636 5371

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