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Steel drilling is generally a requirement in most construction projects. This process is vital in driving fasteners or creating round holes designed for screws and other components.


If you have existing steelwork that needs holes for timber fixings or need penetrations for services to pass through, turn to Blake Steel, a steel welding and fabrication company in Auckland, New Zealand. We have a range of magnetic-based steel drilling equipment that will make light work of difficult drilling.


Apart from our specific drilling tools, we have skilled on-site workers who create precise holes in various sizes on steel materials and components.


Why Hire a Steel or Magnetic Drilling Company


Steel drilling jobs require expertise and certain resources. Not all businesses or contractors have the appropriate experience and equipment to handle such tasks. Turning over the work to a steel drilling company, therefore, is often the best approach.

Here are top reasons to bring on board a professional steel or metal driller:

Top-of-the-Line Steel Drilling Equipment


Metal drilling is a complicated and tricky job. Without the right machines, it may take construction workers a huge amount of resources and time to drill a hole. Apart from that, they may produce a hole that doesn’t meet the specifications of the project. With a reliable steel drilling company, you can look forward to a smoother job flow, as workers will use high-powered equipment to successfully complete all drilling tasks.


Quality Work Guaranteed


Established metal drilling service providers adhere to excellence by sending competent drillers to job sites and following best practices. If your business has invested heavily in a construction project, you’ll want a drilling company that will deliver results to meet and surpass your expectations.


Improved Safety


The improper use of steel drilling equipment may cause unwanted injuries in the workplace. If your staff aren't familiar or knowledgeable with metal drilling, they’re putting themselves at risk when they perform drilling tasks.

Keep your job site safe and hire the right professional drillers for your project.


The Blake Steel Difference

We have the resources available to meet and exceed your expectations. With this commitment, you can expect us to carry out our 7-point satisfaction guarantee:

  1. Deliver superior workmanship 

  2. Execute accurate steel or magnetic drilling work 

  3. Use only quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment 

  4. Constantly update you on the status of our drilling tasks

  5. Clean up the work site after we’ve completed the job

  6. Inform you on costing changes that could arise from unforeseen circumstances

  7. Provide quotes and invoices promptly


Don’t struggle trying to drill holes through steel without the right gear. Let our professional's drill, tap threads and also countersink steel on your job site.

Fill out our contact form today, so we can provide a solution for you.

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Services in New Zealand  |  Tel: 027 636 5371

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