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Ideally, everyone would have the tools and manpower needed to complete any project involving fabricated steelwork when on-site. Your business, however, may not have the required gear to get it done. At Blakesteel

We offer reliable mobile engineering services for businesses in Auckland, New Zealand. We supply and install all fabricated steelwork including the removal of existing steelwork.


Our mobile site trucks can come to you on-site and provide professional cutting, drilling, welding and crane lifts.  Projects can be site measured then fabricated in our workshop and taken to the site to be bolted and welded together then installed to meet the clients, engineers or architects specifications.


We take a lot of pride in our work at Blake Steel, so when the job requires it, we take the time, measure twice cut/fit once. This avoids any unforeseen issues and any downtime that may result as a cause. This ensures you peace of mind that you will get a quality finish and the project stays on track and on budget. 

Why You May Need Our Engineering Services

When your organisation doesn’t have the internal manpower, expertise, equipment and time to complete engineering-related projects, turning over this task to a reliable engineering service provider becomes essential. With this set-up, you reap the benefits of a mobile engineer minus the costs of having a full-time employee.

You also enjoy these other benefits:

Access to Specific Machinery and Skills


Besides having access to specific equipment, you’ll work with highly trained fabricators and welders. They have the skills and experience necessary to deliver top-quality and consistent outcomes for your projects.

Better Management of Resources


When you hire a mobile engineering services provider, your company can allocate more time, effort, energy and attention to other aspects of the business. You could, for instance, free up staff and assign them to other projects ensuring you meet deadlines.


Quicker Turnaround on Key Projects


Engineering projects can come with a tight deadline. If you need to get them finished on schedule (or earlier), you’ll need someone who could efficiently move a project from start to completion, effectively and efficiently.


A reliable engineering service provider can take on this task. They also coordinate closely with clients to make sure that they satisfy their demands and stay strictly to their guidelines

The Blake Steel Advantage


Blake Steel is built on a solid reputation for client satisfaction, professionalism and quality workmanship. Our company stands by our work seriously. We show this by offering our 7-point guarantee to you.

7-Point Guarantee

  1. Quality Materials Guarantee –We use premium quality resources and materials exclusively, which are obtained from reputable suppliers.

  2.  Excellent Workmanship – We perform all welding procedures per requirements outlined in NZS 1554.1.

  3. Accuracy Guarantee – Before we leave your premises, we check with the builder-in-charge to determine if the work we’ve done satisfies your requests.

  4. Clean and Tidy Guarantee – We clean up debris and litter once we complete the project.

  5. Communication Guarantee–We keep you posted on unforeseen circumstances or issues that may arise at any point in the engineering project.

  6. Quotes and Invoices Guarantee–We deliver quotes and invoices quickly, so you’ll have the details you need to make a well-informed decision.

  7. Costing Changes Guarantee – We keep you in the loop if there are any changes in the project cost.

Clients Trust Us

We have served many repeat clients who have expressed satisfaction over our work, from large complex projects to simple, minor jobs. Visit our testimonials page to discover what they have to say about us.

Extensive Engineering Experience


Phil Blake, our founder, has more than 15 years of experience in steel welding and fabrication across industrial, residential and commercial sectors. We use our experience to deliver a stellar job and earn your loyalty and trust as a valued client.

Save Time, Save Money with Mobile Engineering
Services in Auckland  |  Tel: 027 636 5371

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