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Various industries employ steel fabricators to turn raw steel into a finished product. The building sector, for instance, relies on steel fabrication in the construction of buildings, bridges and architectural features. 

When you need top-quality steel products for your project, you need to work with a company that delivers reliable, custom fabrication. 

Blake Steel is a name you can trust for custom steel fabrication. With many years of experience in the steel industry, we have the expertise to tackle a range of steel fabrication projects. We aim to be the go-to steel company for clients in Auckland. 

Onsite and Mobile Steel Fabrication


We conduct work both in-house and offer a mobile fabrication service. We have a workshop located in Onehunga but also have fabrication specialists who deliver a complete onsite fabrication welding and installation service. Whichever option you choose, you could look forward to high-quality output that will help make your next project a success. 

Why Partner with Blake Steel for Steel Fabrication


Client satisfaction is important to us. We’ve come up with a seven-point satisfaction guarantee to deliver exceptional steel fabrication work and win your trust. Our guarantees consist of the following:

  • Superior Workmanship – Our team of steel fabricators perform welding procedures that adhere to international standards. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that the finished products you’ll install for your project meet building codes. 

  • Accuracy – Accurate steel work is our goal. Before our workers leave your premises, we consult with your builder-in-charge to determine if the installation is satisfactory. 

  • Top-Quality Materials – We want to give the best for our customers — and this includes the resources we use to construct and install your finished product. Our company obtains New Zealand-compliant steel only from trusted suppliers. 

  • Effective Communication – Communicating with clients is a huge part of our guarantee, as we value forming strong relationships with our customers. If things don’t go according to plan, you won’t hear silence or excuses from us. Instead, we’ll reach out to you and offer solutions to fix unforeseen problems. What’s more, we send you regular and easy-to-understand reports, so you know what’s going on with the steel work or installation. 

  • Cleanliness – Leaving a mess behind is something we avoid. Before we leave you with your finished steel product or component, we take the time to tidy up the job or construction site. 

  • Notification Concerning Changes in Costs – If you request a change in the scope of steel fabrication work, we’ll keep you updated about the changes in project costs. We promise that you won’t receive unpleasant surprise expenses when you receive our bill. 

  • Timely Sending of Quotes and Invoices – Your projects won’t be delayed because of lack of information. Our team commits to giving you the invoice or quote you need to arrive at a well-informed decision. 

We look forward to working with you as the custom steel fabricator for your upcoming projects. Fill out our contact form today to request a complimentary, no-obligation quote of our services.

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